Mobile Radio Frequency: A Patent and Technology Perspective

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In 2019, the market for Mobile Radio Frequency (RF) components was approximately $11.9B and is estimated to grow to approximately $16.9B in 2022. Manufacturers are faced with increased complexity brought about by new standards (such as 5G), carrier aggregation, multi-mode phones, and consumer’s ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and reduced power consumption.

We see different approaches to addressing these complex issues; while some vendors are providing pin-compatible components that enable a common architecture to support different bands/regions simply by replacing components, other vendors are focused on more integrated architectures.

This webinar describes how the RF market has evolved and how, more than ever, advanced investigations and prosecutions can be accomplished using technical analysis.

We will look at:

  • the Mobile RF patent landscape
  • market and design wins of analysis that can be leveraged for patent investigations to find evidence of use or prior art in this space.

About the Speakers

John Sullivan
Senior IP Solutions Analyst

John Sullivan is a Senior IP Solutions Analyst with TechInsights. With more than 20 years within the organization – first with Chipworks, now TechInsights – he has held several roles, from Circuit & Patent Analyst, Engineering Circuit Manager, to the IP side of the house, and into his current position.

His experience has made him a well-rounded patent analyst and reverse engineering professional. His current role involves planning and executing programs that help TechInsights clients leverage their intellectual property.

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